Four ways to add value to your next CE

The dental field is a constantly shifting landscape. Advances in the industry are exploding into the market every day. Products like CAD CAM milling machines are quickly growing from an abstract concept, into an industry standard. Patient records have jumped from physical to digital.  And there is a constant pressure to stay competitive.

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CE in Florence, Italy 2012

It can be challenging to choose where to cut costs, or how to change your practice to gain additional efficiency.  However, one area of your dental practice that should never be starved is Continuing Education.

Continuing education is required for dentistry because of the fast changing nature of medical fields. Many dentists feel that the continuing education requirement is a burden of time and money. I challenge you to reframe this perspective.  Use the requirement as a tool to put your dental practice at an advantage. Patients want a dentist that shows passion for their work by using the latest and greatest methods in their treatment.


Ways to Revitalize Continuing Education:

  1. Add a new treatment option – Attend a CE that allows you to add a new treatment option. This is a great way to show your patients that you are on the cutting edge of technology. Give them new options and make it a selling point!
  2. Use your new skill as a marketing tool – Add a new section to your webpage to display what you have been learning. This is simple, and can set you apart from other dentists.
  3. Turn it into an exciting experience – There are many options for how to get your CE’s. Why not have some fun while you do it? Go to a hands on class in an exciting location! I hear Italy is beautiful this time of year.
  4. Incentivize your greatest assets to reach profit goals – Set goals and reward your team’s achievements with CE’s in exotic locations!