5 Ways Dental Photography Can Make Money for Your Dental Practice

Many Dental professionals have some kind of digital camera in their practice.  To some, the camera is used as a part of every-day patient procedure and for others, it has become a very expensive paper weight.

These 5 tips are designed to give both the every-day user, and the paper weight connoisseurs some ideas on how to capitalize on and monetize dental photography.

  1. Website Marketing: Take professional photos of your best cases to market to prospective and existing patients. There is nothing more compelling than seeing pictures of happy patients with healthy, beautiful smiles.
  2. Enhanced Communication with Dental Lab: Remakes are a huge loss for the dental office in terms of patient trust as well as money. Digital photography can help capture and communicate more information to the lab technician to help facilitate more accurate results.
  3. Document cases for insurance: Meticulous patient record keeping is imperative for insurance purposes. Including digital photography in those patient records can help to clarify situations and minimize possible risk.
  4. Educational purposes: Have a unique or difficult case? Document it through digital photography! There is immense value in sharing and discussing these cases (in a HIPAA compliant way) with other industry professionals, as well as with other dental staff in the office.
  5. Social Media: Photography is an easy way to create and maintain your office’s social media presence. Post pictures of the staff, happy patients, the office, community outreach, and holiday photos.