Simple. More Efficient, Better, Smarter.

Experience a new paradigm in shade communication and photo documentation. Know that you can choose any shade tab, even if it differs from the tooth. Experience patented Color Correction and accurate shade map creation, all from one mouse click, no matter your lighting! ShadeWave provides secure cloud photo storage and science that eliminates the subjectivity and stress of shade communication. And one more thing … the new ShadeWave Mobile App, integrates, automates and optimizes all of your iPhone photography.

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ShadeWave Mobile for iPhone:
Simple. More Efficient, Better, Smarter

Now with Voice Commands!

Why are most mobile camera pictures not clinically useful? The answer is user error, not because of the camera’s capability but because the knowledge isn’t widely known or easy to find! The solution is ShadeWave Mobile, the Apple App that optimizes and controls your iPhone settings. What this means to you are great pictures … without thinking! You don’t even need to push a button … just say “Snap.” and your iPhone makes the perfect picture.

NEW VOICE COMMANDS! There are three shooting modes, each with different settings: Shade, Portrait and Intraoral. Choose your Mode, go live and just say “SNAP” when you want to take pictures or push the shutter button. When done, say “Upload,” your pictures go both to your secure web account and your favorite lab. Your lab will then process the picture for an accurate shade. All easy … all automated … and all about making things simpler. Learn more.

Taken with ShadeWave Mobile for iPhone

Taken with ShadeWave Mobile for iPhone

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Dental Labs

Get accurate maps for shade, translucency and value. With zero guesswork, you’ll have more accurate matches—and satisfied clients.


Provide your dental lab with the information to build an accurate restoration, based on photos you take with your existing dental camera. Just upload your photos and create a case.

ShadeWave Features

See how ShadeWave’s features can help make shade taking the easiest part of your job. No more sending patients to the lab, no guesswork and fewer remakes!

How You Can Achieve Predictable, Accurate Shades

One Click

ShadeWave works with any digital camera capable of taking a clinical picture.


Create a case, upload the photos and choose a lab. The lab has instant, HIPAA-compliant and secure access to the case.


The lab processes the color-corrected image. Our advanced algorithms determine shade, translucency and value.

Perfect Match

The lab interprets the ShadeWave information to create the restoration.

*Restoration by Lucas Lammott, M31 Dental Laboratory

ShadeWave Featured

Dennis Braunston, Inventor of ShadeWave and Howard Farran, Founder & CEO of Dentaltown, discuss game changing tips on photography and dental shade matching.

ShadeWave Featured

See ShadeWave in the Spring 2016 issue of Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry’s article “New Algorithm in Shade Matching”.

YouTube Interview with Master Dental Technology

Watch this short video with Karsten Klimmek, MDT, LVIFT, AAACD, and Dennis Braunston Founder of ShadeWave. They provide insight on how ShadeWave Mobile is revolutionizing mobile dental photography.

We have been using the latest version of ShadeWave with my lab for about 9 months. It’s a great system if your lab is on board and trained well. It doesn’t replace the talent of the ceramist – it just gives the ceramist lots of information needed to create a great result. We use it for both posterior and anterior shade matching. All the assistants know how to use it and it’s pretty foolproof from the dental office standpoint.

Dr. Scott RiceIrvine, CARice Dentistry

“I think it is absolutely fantastic! Its information at your fingertips that we have never seen in this industry before.”

Vincent Tauro, MDT, CDT45 years as a dental technician B & D Dental Technologies

“What is interesting about what you’ve done here is that you have covered both ends. You made it simple for the dentist to take a photograph and simple for the lab to map out the shade with your software. That is covering both sides of it! No one has ever done that before.”

Chris Lowthrop, CDTDigital Dental Aesthetics

“Color mapping has always been an art form in itself. Selecting the colors is not always an easy task. Shadewave helps eliminate the guess work. By using it has allowed me to get more accurate build ups and less cases coming back for shade modifications.”

Richard G. Knecht RGK Dental Lab, Inc