How Aurum Lab Saved an Important Dental Customer with ShadeWave Mobile

Dr. Harker has been a dentist in Southeast Calgary for more than 3 decades. For years Dr. Harker has chosen to use the experts at Aurum as his dental laboratory of choice, sending his patients to the lab for their custom shade needs.

The Problem

As COVID-19 shut down businesses across the country, and social distancing went into effect, Dr. Harker’s patients were no longer able to come into Aurum Calgary’s offices.

Dr. Harker was concerned that without the option for in-person customer shades, he would have to find another laboratory. He needed a way to continue giving his patient’s high-quality results for complex, custom shade cases, without sending them to the lab.

With a long-standing customer’s business on the line, Joana, ceramist at Aurum Calgary offered an effective alternative – ShadeWave Mobile.

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Using iPhones for Dental Photography

Across the world, people are now reaching for their phones instead of their digital cameras to take photos. The dental world is no different. Every day, more dentists are reaching for their iPhones instead of their digital cameras when taking clinical pictures.

Although phones are familiar and convenient, there have been issues that hinder their effectiveness.

The two largest issues that dentists face when choosing to use their iPhone cameras are:

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ShadeWave Announces Issuance of US Patent for Dental Shade Map Matching Technology


Contact: Dennis Braunston
Phone: (425) 557-7788

ShadeWave Announces Issuance of US Patent for Dental Shade Map Matching Technology

ShadeWave is a unique system for color matching dental restorations using color correction to create accurate shade, translucency and value maps from dental photographs.

[Issaquah, Washington, September 15, 2018––] ShadeWave Dental Shade Matching Software (ShadeWave), a leader in dental shade matching and digital imaging solutions for dental practices and dental laboratories, announced the granting of U.S. Patent 10007987 titled Enhanced Tooth Shade Matching System.

“This is exciting because shade communication is the single missing component in the digital workflow,” says Dennis Braunston, President of ShadeWave. “ShadeWave replaces not only inaccurate, time consuming, subjective shade matching methods but also provides a significant opportunity to integrate shade technology with other digital products such as 3D Scanners, milling and 3D printing.”

ShadeWave is cutting edge software that uses a proprietary Shade Reference made of a custom black, white, and gray plate. The user inserts two commercial shade tabs, used as a reference, places it next to a tooth and takes a digital photo. Special ShadeWave software corrects color, exposure and creates colored shade maps for lab technicians.


ShadeWave is a HIPAA compliant, secure, web-based system that connects dental professionals and eliminates non-compliant emailing of patient information. This saves time, organizes shade information and lets the dentist know the tooth shade, even before the case arrives. 

Dennis Braunston founder of ShadeWave has been in dental technology since 1990. He is recognized as one of the early pioneers and experts at teaching digital photography, cosmetic imaging and case presentation in dentistry. Dennis has lectured at numerous locations and trained 1000’s of dentists world-wide. He is faculty Director for Dental Learning Centers and CE at Sea, and has several published articles, in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, Journal of Dental Technology (JDT) and Contemporary Esthetics.

ShadeWave Dental Shade Matching System is based in Issaquah, Washington. fabricating and supporting dental products that improve dental professionals’ skills and productivity.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Dennis Braunston at (425) 557-7788,
or email To schedule a personal demo of ShadeWave, visit:

ShadeWave Inventor Dennis Braunston featured on Dentaltown Video Podcast

Game changing tips on photography and dental shade matching.

Dennis Braunston Inventor, CEO and President of ShadeWave and Howard Farran DDS, MBA, MAGD and Founder & CEO of Dentaltown, sit down to discuss the changes in dental photography and ways to improve lab communication.

Dennis Braunston, is also the founder of Dental Learning Centers® and has been in dental technology since 1990. As a provider of CDE since 2001, he is recognized as one of the early pioneers and experts at teaching digital photography, cosmetic imaging and case presentation in dentistry. Dennis has recently developed ShadeWave, Digital Shade Matching System, ImageCentrik Dental Software, camera shade devices and dental cameras.

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He is faculty Director, for Dental Learning Centers and University at Sea. His publications have been in the Journal of Dental Technology (JDT) and Contemporary Esthetics. Dennis can be contacted at 425-557-7788.

Secure Note eliminates eMail and phone tag with your lab

Dentists and labs can now communicate instantly on Shade Matching cases within ShadeWave.  

As we all know, HIPAA compliance in Dental Offices and Dental Laboratories is very important. With this in mind, ShadeWave has added a new feature called Secure Note to our Dental Shade Matching Software. Secure Note is an embedded communication tool inside of ShadeWave that facilitates secure, convenient correspondence between the dentist and the dental laboratory technician. All conversations are stored in the patient’s record and are accessible any time.The goal of Secure Note is to facilitate more frequent, HIPAA compliant, communication between dentists and their dental laboratory while eliminating wasted time playing phone or email tag.  View all ShadeWave Features >

Success or failure largely depends on the accurate transfer of subtle information from the dentist to the laboratory.” 
– Jean Sagara, Dental Economics

Learn more about ShadeWave in the Spring 2016 issue of Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry article “New Algorithm in Shade Matching”.

Visit our website at: or Click to Schedule a personal demo today.

Four ways to add value to your next CE

The dental field is a constantly shifting landscape. Advances in the industry are exploding into the market every day. Products like CAD CAM milling machines are quickly growing from an abstract concept, into an industry standard. Patient records have jumped from physical to digital.  And there is a constant pressure to stay competitive.
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