ShadeWave Laboratory License

Price:  $500.00 annual license fee, plus $4 per case

ShadeWave is patented software that creates accurate shade maps from just one mouse click. The program uses shade tabs as a known reference for color correction. Once done, the entire picture is corrected allowing the unknown tooth shades to be revealed. What this means to you is the shade tabs do not have to be the best match to the tooth and because ShadeWave color corrects the picture after it is made, it fixes and gets the shade from pictures that are too dark, too light or when the picture color is bad because the camera has not been white balanced.


  • REDUCED LABOR TIME: This significantly reduces lab labor time and errors when compared to doing it manually.
  • INCREASE PRODUCTION: Your top ceramists can increase bench time and production when shadewave provides the custom shades.
  • WRONG SHADE TAB: When the shade tab in the picture is not the best choice, shadewave saves time by exact interpolation, instantly and scientifically.
  • COMPLEX, MULTICOLORED TEETH: For a person determining shade manually, one shade tab in a picture is not adequate especially when the tooth is multicolored. All colors are revealed with ShadeWave.
  • USE SHADEWAVE MOBILE: Use your iPhone to make pictures through our automated Apple App, Shadewave Mobile.
  • SAVE TIME BY ELIMINATING THE EMAILING OF PICTURES: Receive pictures from ShadeWave for Dentists or ShadeWave Mobile, via our cloud based, secure server.
  • VALUE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHADE: Get the tooth value in the 3D Master Value groups, 0 – 5.

With ShadeWave Laboratory License:

  • Create cases, upload pictures and process them for shade
  • Receive cases from any source
  • Use ShadeWave’s secure, HIPAA (USA) and PIPEDA (Canadian) compliant cloud server
  • $4 per case fee, purchased 100 at a time.

What is included: