ShadeWave Dentist License
(Desktop Users)

Price:  $100.00 per year, auto renewing

ShadeWave Dentist provides a seamless connection of your patient’s shade pictures to your dental lab. This is secure, HIPAA compliant and eliminates the need to email or use Drop Box. This also provides an efficient way to view shade map information, before the case leaves the lab. The Secure Note feature allows for easy communication between dentist and lab personnel. Use any clinical camera (not recommended for iPhone, use Shadewave Mobile).

With ShadeWave Dentist License:

  • Create cases
  • Upload pictures and link them to your lab for shade processing
  • Use ShadeWave’s secure, HIPPA compliant and PIPEDA (Canadian) compliant cloud server for storage
  • Use any camera that that makes clinical quality pictures

Note: no shade processing is needed or available with this license. For iPhone users we recommend using ShadeWave Mobile.

What is included:

  • ShadeWave License
  • Get Started support sheet