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In order for labs to be able to create an accurate restoration, the photos they receive need to meet certain standards.

Here are the minimum shade photo requirements:

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  1. Photos must contain the tooth to be matched.
    Photos of temporaries or open spaces without teeth are NOT constructive. 
  2. Photos must contain a shade tab with the name showing (ex: A2, D3).
    For ShadeWave, the shade tab names are references and do not need to match the tooth shade. 
  3. Varying the pitch (see #8 in Shade Taking Check List) when taking photos is okay, but not angles to the left or right (yaw).
    Ensure the photo is taken straight on, not at an angle. 
  4. File size: 1 MB or greater.
    If you are sending a photo, make sure it retains detail and clarity by making sure it is 1MB or greater in file size. 
  5. Photos should contain 6 to 10 teeth.
    Best practice is to move closer or farther away from the tooth until you see 6-10 teeth. That will be a distance of about 4 1/2 inches (12 cm) from the tooth. 
  6. Must use a flash or attached light. 
  7. Minimal glare on shade tab and tooth.
    Glare hides the shade and value of the tooth and prohibits sampling of the reference shade tab. The less glare, the more information your lab can use, and the more accurate your restoration will be. 
  8. Photos need to be clinical quality
    Clinical quality means photos show the characterization, texture, translucency, and other aesthetics.

How to accomplish these critical requirements:

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