shDr. Harker has been a dentist in Southeast Calgary for more than 3 decades. For years Dr. Harker has chosen to use the experts at Aurum as his dental laboratory of choice, sending his patients to the lab for their custom shade needs.

The Problem

As COVID-19 shut down businesses across the country, and social distancing went into effect, Dr. Harker’s patients were no longer able to come into Aurum Calgary’s offices.

Dr. Harker was concerned that without the option for in-person customer shades, he would have to find another laboratory. He needed a way to continue giving his patient’s high-quality results for complex, custom shade cases, without sending them to the lab.

With a long-standing customer’s business on the line, Joana, ceramist at Aurum Calgary offered an effective alternative – ShadeWave Mobile.

The Solution

Joanna told Dr. Harker about a new iPhone app, ShadeWave Mobile, that optimizes the camera settings specifically for dental photography. Using this app the doctor would be able to take photos of the patient in his dental office and send them to Aurum Calgary.

Joanna went to Dr. Harker’s offices to demonstrate ShadeWave mobile on a custom shade case.

She showed him how quick it was to take photos of his patient and how all of the patient information stays within the app, allowing him to get the same exceptional custom shade results with no in-person contact.

Dr. Harker was thrilled with this new solution and decided to use ShadeWave Mobile.

Making the Switch

In an interview with Dr. Harker, ShadeWave CEO, Dennis Braunston asked if he thinks making the switch from his digital SLR camera to the iPhone will be difficult.

The doctor explained that he expects that making the move to ShadeWave Mobile will be simpler than using the camera he has had for years. “It was a bit of a hassle with the old camera. I’ve been using it for many years, but it was still just a hassle to get everything out, and make sure all of the parts were always charged.”

He goes on to talk about ShadeWave Mobile, “This is so streamlined and it blew me away when I saw the quality of picture that Joanna was getting with the patient right there in the operatory.” He also commented on the quality of the photos, saying that “when she magnified and enlarged the pictures on the phone, I could see all of the distinctions, the shade zones, and how they transitioned and the intensity – and then to find out that you just push a button and all that great information is sent right to my lab, it is mind boggling how user-friendly this is!”